Where can we buy a neodymium magnet

The properties inherent in neodymium magnets are based on the features of the electron, i.e. on his ability to attract. Without going into physical formulations, besides the electron, there are specially made magnets – permanent – that autonomously retain their attracting properties. The force of attraction, depending on the components, is very different, as well as its duration. The composition of such products is very diverse:

  • iron;
  • nickel;
  • boron;
  • cobalt;
  • natural minerals – magnetites;
  • rare earth metals.
The last line in the list of components – rare earth metals, the is the point of giving normal magnet unusual properties.  Magnet factory, that is, made by the alloy of some metals, has an incredibly attractive force, which lasts a very long time. Such a product is used almost everywhere – we meet with it in every day everywhere, at the office, in medicine, electrical engineering, and electronics. That is why many people are interested in use neodymium magnets, and why exactly they are needed.

Scope of application

Looking for where neodymium magnets are sold, it is worth knowing to begin with, where you can get it from without leaving their home. You can meet this wonderful alloy literally everywhere:
  • in pictures, figures, “magnetized” to something metallic (a refrigerator, a floor lamp stand);
  • in the speaker head;
  • in small engines, for example, moving toys;
  • in the hard disk of the computer.
Due to the fact of that these products has very strong power, and their dimensions can be quite small and weight is light.
So, the answer to the question: where can we buy a neodymium magnet – in any store, along with any thing used in everyday life?

Special shops

There are also special online stores where you can buy a neodymium magnet in any size and any kind. The range is quite wide:
  • sphere,
  • bar,
  • cylinder,
  • rings,
  • Disc,
So demanded and necessary in life material can be bought wholesale and retail. Prices are very different, ranging from a dozen dollars to many hundreds per unit. It all depends on the size, strength, shape, stability.

Purchase Precautions

Since this necessary product is used almost indefinitely, its popularity in the market has caused a considerable number of fakes. So seller give you N35 to instead the N52. And then, there are various problems appear with an already purchased product when over time. Consumers will complain about the magnet rapid loss of its magical properties. The explanation of such unpleasant situations is the most banal – buyers of low-quality goods simply faced a fake.
Choosing where you can buy a neodymium magnet is real, high-quality and corresponding to all characteristics, pay attention to the store’s reputation and the reviews of its customers. The seller must have a certificate for the proposed products. Thus, it is better to go shopping for the stores that have already gained credibility and regular customers.
You can easily determine where to purchase a neodymium magnet, if you navigate in the characteristics of this device. Then you just need to compare the prices of goods with similar parameters and make a choice.
The main feature of a permanent electromagnet is the presence of a constant force field. Its thickness is determined by the number of marking, the larger it is, the higher the alloy power. For example, rectangle N 42 has a greater tensile strength than a similar product of class N 35. The letter “N” indicates that the product can be operated at a temperature not higher than +80 degree.
 The technical characteristics of the magnets are also determined by the direction of the field.
  •  Axial – thickness directed
  •  Diametric – by the diameter
  •  Radial – to the radius
 Finally, the power of the device is very dependent on size. More massive bodies of neodymium have more grip. There are also other defining characteristics, which are described in more detail in other articles on  osenc.com. Knowing them, you can easily determine where to purchase neodymium magnets.