Where can we buy a neodymium magnet

The properties inherent in neodymium magnets are based on the features of the electron, i.e. on his ability to attract. Without going into physical formulations, besides the electron, there are specially made magnets – permanent – that autonomously retain their attracting properties. The force of attraction, depending on the components, is very different, as well as its duration. The composition of such products is very diverse:

  • iron;
  • nickel;
  • boron;
  • cobalt;
  • natural minerals – magnetites;
  • rare earth metals.
The last line in the list of components – rare earth metals, the is the point of giving normal magnet unusual properties.  Magnet factory, that is, made by the alloy of some metals, has an incredibly attractive force, which lasts a very long time. Such a product is used almost everywhere – we meet with it in every day everywhere, at the office, in medicine, electrical engineering, and electronics. That is why many people are interested in use neodymium magnets, and why exactly they are needed.

Scope of application

Looking for where neodymium magnets are sold, it is worth knowing to begin with, where you can get it from without leaving their home. You can meet this wonderful alloy literally everywhere:
  • in pictures, figures, “magnetized” to something metallic (a refrigerator, a floor lamp stand);
  • in the speaker head;
  • in small engines, for example, moving toys;
  • in the hard disk of the computer.
Due to the fact of that these products has very strong power, and their dimensions can be quite small and weight is light.
So, the answer to the question: where can we buy a neodymium magnet – in any store, along with any thing used in everyday life?

Special shops

There are also special online stores where you can buy a neodymium magnet in any size and any kind. The range is quite wide:
  • sphere,
  • bar,
  • cylinder,
  • rings,
  • Disc,
So demanded and necessary in life material can be bought wholesale and retail. Prices are very different, ranging from a dozen dollars to many hundreds per unit. It all depends on the size, strength, shape, stability.

Purchase Precautions

Since this necessary product is used almost indefinitely, its popularity in the market has caused a considerable number of fakes. So seller give you N35 to instead the N52. And then, there are various problems appear with an already purchased product when over time. Consumers will complain about the magnet rapid loss of its magical properties. The explanation of such unpleasant situations is the most banal – buyers of low-quality goods simply faced a fake.
Choosing where you can buy a neodymium magnet is real, high-quality and corresponding to all characteristics, pay attention to the store’s reputation and the reviews of its customers. The seller must have a certificate for the proposed products. Thus, it is better to go shopping for the stores that have already gained credibility and regular customers.
You can easily determine where to purchase a neodymium magnet, if you navigate in the characteristics of this device. Then you just need to compare the prices of goods with similar parameters and make a choice.
The main feature of a permanent electromagnet is the presence of a constant force field. Its thickness is determined by the number of marking, the larger it is, the higher the alloy power. For example, rectangle N 42 has a greater tensile strength than a similar product of class N 35. The letter “N” indicates that the product can be operated at a temperature not higher than +80 degree.
 The technical characteristics of the magnets are also determined by the direction of the field.
  •  Axial – thickness directed
  •  Diametric – by the diameter
  •  Radial – to the radius
 Finally, the power of the device is very dependent on size. More massive bodies of neodymium have more grip. There are also other defining characteristics, which are described in more detail in other articles on Knowing them, you can easily determine where to purchase neodymium magnets.

Complete details about neodymium magnets

Magnets are an exciting thing for all of us. We have seen it one form or the other in our lives. The magnets kept in our Physics laboratories did intrigue us when we had to do experiments. But these magnets are tied to us in more ways than we ever thought of. Everything from motors to the metal detectors of our malls, use some kind of magnet or the other. A commonly used variety of magnets are the rare earth magnets which were developed in the 1980’s. Among them, the Neodymium is the most popular rare earth magnets that are used these days. So, let us know a little more about this magnet.

What are the Neodymium Magnets?

The Neodymium magnet is a form of the permanent magnet that is derived from an alloy made from using rare earth elements. It is the most widely used rare earth magnet because of its affordability and strength of the magnetic field. The alloy contains Neodymium, iron, and boron which form the tetragonal crystal structure of Nd2Fe14B. The magnet was first discovered by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals in 1982. Microcrystalline grains form the alloy which allows the magnet to become aligned so that it may have a powerful magnetic field. The magnetic energy value of a Neodymium Magnet is about eighteen times more than the normal magnets in volume.

square neodymium magnet
How are the Neodymium Magnets made?

  • The classical powder metallurgy or the sintered magnet process: In this type of production the base materials of the magnet are treated in a furnace and then set into moulds to form ingots. Then they are transformed into a powder which is sintered into dense blocks. Then they are treated with heat and cut into shapes so that they can become magnetized. But a new technique was devised in 2015 where the alloy may take a clay-like structure and then it can be made into different shapes and sizes before magnetization.
  • The Rapid solidification or the bonded magnet process: This is another process in which the melt spinning method is utilized on a thin strip of the NdFeB alloy to form the magnet. Then they are made into particles and a polymer is added to it to inject them into bonded moulds. They have low flux intensity but they easily take difficult shape.
    The Neodymium magnets come in different grades. The grades depend upon the magnetic flux output that it has on per unit volume. Higher the values, higher the strength of the magnet. It mainly ranges from N35 to N 52. These types of magnets are used in every sphere of life. The most common usages of the Neodymium magnets are in computer hard disks, locks, loudspeakers, electrical motors, cordless tools, voice coils etc.

These days the magnets are also widely used in things like jewelry clasps, children’s toys, and MRI scans. So, it is an important discovery in the field of magnets. The world produces more than 80,000 tonnes of the Neodymium magnet to make our lives easier.


Why rare earth and neodymium magnets are preferred over the other types of magnets?

Rare earth magnets are one of the strongest magnets which are commercially available on earth and as a type of it, neodymium magnets are also useful in many purposes, so much so that it is generally believed that earth’s technology would have been a good two or three decades behind of this magnet wasn’t invented. So let’s check how and why this type of magnet is better than others:

  • Ceramic magnets:
Ceramic magnets
Ceramic magnets
  • Relative strength: The strength of a magnet’s magnetic field is measured with BHmax, so the higher the BHmax, the more powerful the magnet. Ceramic magnets contain a BHmax of 3.5 whereas the two rare earth types called samarium cobalt contains a BHmax of 25 and Neodymium contains a BHmax of 40. So ceramic magnets are around 10 times weaker than permanent magnets. Also because of its strength, handing permanent magnets over 2″ required caution.


  • Relative resistance to thermal stress: It should be noted that magnets tend to lose their strength and other properties when heated above their Tcurie temperature. Ceramic magnets have a Tcurie of 460 degree Celsius whereas samarium and neodymium have a Tcurie of 750 and 310 respectively. But if they are cooled below their top temperature, called Tmax, then they can regain their properties. So in lieu of this, ceramic magnets have a Tmax of 300 degree Celsius whereas samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets have a Tmax of 150 degree Celsius.


  • Relative durability: Neodymium magnets are brittle and as a result are difficult to use. On top of this, it also corrodes easily. SmCo or samarium cobalt magnets are slightly less brittle and are also corrosion resistant. Ceramic magnets provide good resistance to both corrosions as well as demagnetization.
  • Cost: Ceramic magnets are less costly than both SmCo and NdFeB (neodymium) magnets.

So these two magnets are used in different applications. Like ceramic magnets are used in fridges or in stereos whereas rare earth and neodymium magnets are used in generators, levitation machines, jewellery, hard disk drives, motors and more. Both of them are useful in their own unique way and so these above properties should be kept in mind while choosing which magnet to go for.



What are the applications of rare earth and Neodymium magnets?

Before exploring the applications of rare earth and neodymium magnets, it’s time to know what exactly these magnets are. First of all, neodymium magnets are a type of rare earth magnets. They are called rare earth because they are made up of the lanthanide. These are the strongest and permanent magnets which are commercially available in the world. Their features include:

Ni neodymium magnet

  • Unparalleled levels if magnetism
  • Resistance to demagnetization (when compared to other magnets like alnico, ferrite and even samarium cobalt ones)

These magnets are so strong that even tiny ones are effective so much so that a magnet just 5mm long and 8mm in diameter can generate a force of above 1,700 grams in spite of weighing only 2 grams. So with these properties, all available in pocket sizes, there are bound to be major users of this substance, like:

  • Hard disk drives: Hard disk drives record data by constantly magnetizing and demagnetizing a thin film of ferromagnetic material present on the disk. Apart from this, each disk is also divided into sectors and each sector contains numerous individual magnetic disks which are magnetized when the read or write head of the drive is written to the drive.


  • Audio Equipment: In speakers, these permanent magnets are used right alongside a current carrying coil which assists in changing electricity into mechanical energy. For microphones, the reverse is applicable- the permanent magnet creates a magnetic field, which allows the coil to move through it, thus producing an electrical signal which is similar to the original sound made.


  • Dentures: This might come as a surprise but neodymium magnets are useful in holding together replacement dentures in case of several missing teeth.


  • Door catches: Neodymium magnets are pretty widely used in various residential, commercial and public building to make magnetic door catches. These magnets hold the weight of the door quite easily and with the help of the leverage provided by the door, it results in the magnets being easily separated.


  • Generators and motors: These two work in reverse, as in electric motors are dependent upon a combination of an electromagnet and a neodymium magnet to convert the electric energy into a mechanical one. As said above, the opposite is true for the generator.


  • MRI scanners: This is pretty obvious as MRI scanners generate a huge magnetic field which aligns the protons present in the human body in the direction if the magnetic field.


  • ABS system sensors: ABS or anti-lock braking sensors uses rare earth magnets but wrapped up inside copper coils. A sensor is positioned close to the ABS reluctor ring and as the ring revolves, a voltage is introduced in the copper wire. This signal is then monitored by the computer system of the vehicle and thus used to define wheel speed.

Apart from this, they are used in lifting machinery, jewelry, bearings, levitation machines and more. In fact, these are so widely used that it is commonly regarded that without this magnet; our world would be two or three decades behind on technological advancement.

Different types of earth magnets

Basically, magnets are elements which can generate a magnetic field which helps to pull a certain material or repel materials like iron and nickel. Magnets are not always made of the same materials and therefore magnets can be categorized based on its composition.


  • Temporary Magnets- Temporary magnets are those magnets which have their magnetic properties as long as they are in a magnetic field
  • Permanent Magnets- Permanent magnets are those magnets which retain their magnetic properties once they are magnetized and they do not lose their properties even when they are not in a magnetic field.
  • Electro Magnets- Electromagnets are those coils of wires who act as a magnet and gain the properties of a magnet when electricity passes through them. The strength of the magnet is altered by the change of direction of the current.

different type of magnet


Permanent Magnets can be categorized into four parts:


  • Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)
  • Samarium cobalt (SmCo)
  • Alnico
  • Ceramic or Ferrite


Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) – This is a magnet which is made of rare earth materials with high coercive force. Generally, the energy range of the product is very high. Since the energy level is very high therefore they are made in small sizes. So most customer buy custom magnet will choose this material. All the Neodymium Iron Boron magnets have a low mechanical strength and are very much prone to breaking. This is generally used for coating purposes. It is very hard to demagnetize and oxidation a Neodymium Iron Boron. But that is most popular in the market.


Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) – This kind of magnets is also very strong in nature and they cannot be demagnetized very easily. These magnets are resistant to oxidation and temperature and they can bear up to 300 Celsius. There are two series of Samarium Cobalt Sm1Co5 and Sm2Co17. The mechanical strength of these magnets is very low and the magnets are very much expensive.


Alnico– This magnet is made of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt and the name of this magnet is from the first two letters of all the three components. These magnets are very much resistant to temperature and this magnet can also be demagnetized easily. This magnet is produced by the process of casting or by the process of sintering. Both the process helps in creating different properties of the magnet. The process of sintering help in producing more mechanical traits whereas casting helps in increasing the energy of the magnet.


Ceramic or Ferrite– This magnet is generally made with help of iron oxide which is sintered and strontium or barium carbonate. These magnets are generally very cheap and production of the magnets is also very easy. The magnets are generally brittle in nature and so they need to go through the process of grinding with help of a diamond wheel. This magnet is used everywhere they are very strong in nature and it is not easy to demagnetize it.


Temporary Magnets


Temporary magnets are those magnets which show the properties of a permanent magnet when they are in a magnetic field. As soon as they go out of the magnetic field they lose all their magnetic properties. Generally, objects which are made of soft iron like paper clips are temporary magnets.





Electromagnets are generally magnets which are made by the help of winding a wire into multiple numbers of loops around a core material. Electromagnets can never be created without any form of current passing through the coils. The whole setup is called solenoid. In order to magnetize an electromagnet electric current needs to be passed through the whole solenoid setup so that a magnetic field is created. The strength of the magnet depends on the number of loops it has the strength of the field is maximum in the inside of the coil.


The materials that have been used in the center of the electromagnetic coil and the solenoid core are the factors for the strength of the whole electromagnetic field. If the wire is wrapped with wood, then the strength of the electromagnet will decrease and if the wire is wrapped with a Ferro magnet then the strength of the electromagnet is an increase. These are the different types of magnets which are used by people. Most of the magnets are used for industrial purposes and coated on different products to create a magnetic field.


For What Purposes Can You Use Custom Magnets

Custom magnets (what we talk about is refrigerator magnet) are used for various purposes. But in this article, we are going to discuss the special shape of them. For people who are planning to expand their company or business, these custom magnets are the easiest way to promote your business. And these can be put to several places such as filing cabinets, notice boards, and many other such places. This way it helps your company name stand out. Like for instance, custom magnet printing can improve the looks of your design and also they are very much cost effective. Now that you have an idea about the potential of these magnets let’s learn about its uses for various purposes.

Different Purpose of Using Custom Magnets

As already mentioned above that these custom magnets can be used for several purposes, here you go with some of its uses:


  1. For Special Events: Custom magnets can be used to commemorate events such as weddings, ordinations, anniversaries, parish and even baptism! To make it even more worth you can even put a customized message on it so, that it appears to be personalized. These customized strong magnets for sale can then be given out as a token of appreciation to friends, family, relatives and other guests for taking out time to attend your special occasion. This way the magnets will act as a memory preserver. Because every time your recipients will look at the magnets it will remind them of your special event and the lovely time they had spent with you.


  1. For Advertising: In order to establish themselves it is important for every business to promote themselves. This is where promotional custom magnets can come to be of great help. These magnets can be used as car magnets, recycling bin shaped magnets which you can give out to people during a promotional event of your business. Also, these magnets will last longer than any other paper hand-outs that are likely to be given out during these events. In short, it can be said that these custom magnets are the best cost-effective giveaways that you can manage. When you have a tight budget, this will work just fine for you. You can even ship these custom magnets to your international clients as gifts if needed. Thus, you can see how these magnets can be of great use to business houses.

white board magnet 

  1. For Raising Awareness: You can also raise awareness on a particularly important topic such as some kind of disease or so with the help of these magnets. These magnets are the easiest way out when it comes to raising awareness because you can include any message or even an image on these magnets and use it for your purpose. These magnets are generally light-weight and thus, can be used anywhere like refrigerators, cabinets etc as a reminder. The point is that when you give out something tangible to your recipients, even they feel more inclined towards you and your cause and are more likely to support you.

Thus, you can see that custom magnet is used for various causes. Starting from advertising to awareness alerts, they can be used anywhere. All you need is find the right use for them.